Week 1 – Sunlight

June 30, 2020by fbcsp0

The projects this week require SUNLIGHT. Two out of the three projects will need to be out in the SUN for most of the day; check the weather to make sure rain is not in the forecast.

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Watch this week’s introduction video to learn what we will be making, then scroll down for directions for each activity:

Project 1: Sun Print on Light Sensitive Paper
Note: DO NOT open paper until ready to complete project

Project 2: Sun Print on Construction Paper

Project 3: Sun Dial
Note: Put this project out at the beginning of the day, and come out every hour to draw in time. Leave project for a few days and use it to tell the time.


We hope you had fun! Join us on ZOOM next Tuesday (July 7) at 7 PM to show what you made and learn how everything works! Go here to join: https://ministrelife.zoom.us/j/99802378302.

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